WVExplorer.com becomes qualified Google News source

WVExplorer Google News source

WVExplorer now Google News source (Image source: Google Inc.)

West Virginia Explorer has become a qualified source for news through Google and other news-content providers, greatly increasing its visibility and that of its advertisers and partners in tourism, according to publisher David Sibray.

The qualification has already helped the guide reach new audiences through its news features, and Sibray encourages all state travel-oriented organizations to add the website to their press-release lists.

“We can now help businesses reach thousands of customers in a matter of minutes,” he said.

“Along with newsletters, social-media integration, and our sponsored listings, we’re reshaping the way we help clients reach tapped and untapped audiences.”

Press releases should be sent to editor@wvexplorer.com, he said, emphasizing that as a news source, the guide will continue to practice journalistic integrity that won it inclusion.

“Journalistic integrity is what’s earned us this status,” Sibray said. “We will continue to pay strict attention to the tenets of our industry that have brought us here. Since 1999, our mission has never changed.”

Established in 1999, West Virginia Explorer has published hundreds of thousands of pages of information on West Virginia travel online independently and in concert with other Internet sources.