Why clients choose us

We’ve polled more than a score of long-time clients to find out why doing business with us is worth the investment. We were frankly honored to read their answers.

Maturity — We provide the benefit of more than 20 years of know-how and of long-established relationships with the news media. We have helped clients overcome many obstacles through the years, and we offer that accumulated knowledge to new clients. Though web-design may still seem new technology, it’s nothing new to us. We are one of the oldest web developers in West Virginia, in practice since 1998.

Credibility — Public relations firms operate within the framework of credibility that is required by the news media. Founded by a journalist, our firm has always placed integrity before profit. As a result, we offer more than most other communications agencies. People trust us to speak for them. For more than two decades clients have invested in our ability to communicate their ideas and help invigorate their business strategies.

Inventiveness — Though our strengths are deeply rooted in the practicality that wisdom brings, our mission requires us to evolve as quickly. Members of our development team are work continually to incorporate new ideas and track technological advances.

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