Easy small-business marketing campaigns show returns

Small West Virginia businesses that are marketing through mini-campaigns at Sibray Marketing are enjoying a significant return on their investments, according to clients and marketer David Sibray, publisher of West Virginia Explorer.

By providing businesses a simple way to reach audiences through newspapers and social media, the marketing agency dedicated to small business is building sustained visibility that was previously difficult to access.

“We interview you, craft a press release, and distribute that release through the press and social media as well as publish it on our network of websites, where it helps bring clients traffic perpetually,” Sibray said.

“The cost is $400 flat, though there may be a standard mileage cost for the photo shoot. Most of the production can be done over the phone or by messaging.”

All clients who have purchased mini-campaigns have reported that they were happy even surprised by the outcome, Sibray said.

Drema Wood, the owner of D&K Collectibles, a new antiques shop in Fayetteville, said she recommends other small businesses use the service.

“We were very pleased with the outcome, and immediately began to hear from customers who’d said they’d read about our business online or in the newspapers,” Wood said. (View press release: Kanawha Valley antiques dealers reinvest in New River market)

Joyce Breneman of The Depot in Oak Hill, said the campaign immediately had an effect on produce sales.

“Within a day we had new people walking in the door. When we re-open for the season in spring, we’ll definitely announce it through a mini-campaign,” she said.(View press release: )

Contact David Sibray at 304-575-7390

Sibray said his marketing agency has also established similar campaigns to help people with logo design and social-media marketing.

“We’ve figured out a way to make this work for the kind of small and mom-and-pop businesses that are such a big part of the economy in West Virginia. According to clients, it works,” Sibray said.

For more information on the mini-campaign, logo design or social media marketing, call or message David Sibray at 304-575-7390 or at dsibray@gmail.com.


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The following small businesses and organizations have also participated in our small-business marketing campaigns and were featured in newspapers and online publications such as West Virginia Explorer.