Community Relations

We’ve been marketing communities since 1996, when we published our first county guide in cooperation with the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce. Our expertise is informed through years of working with business communities and through the expertise of our principals in the fields of economic development and historical revitalization.

What clients have to say…

You may engage Sibray to promote your business, but you’ll end up promoting a great deal more. Not only will your business improve, but whatever your trade or industry and whichever community you belong to will enjoy an improved profile and greater public awareness. I’ve worked with Sibray as my client, and I’ve worked with Sibray as its client, and in each setting, I’ve come away the better for it.

Paul Spence, Spence Law Office
Moundsville, West Virginia

Sibray PRPhoto: Harper’s Ferry, W.Va. from Maryland Heights, by Rick Burgess

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