Building maps that work

Members of our developmentĀ team are adept at working with map databases to ensure that locales are correctly mapped. However, maps such as those published online through Bing and Google do not always serve as the best references.

Detail from Fayette County Map

Detail from Fayette County Map

In the case of our guide to Fayette County, West Virginia, published in conjunction with the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce, we flew a photographer and a watercolor artist over the New River Gorge region. It proved the best way to generate a map that emphasized travel resources and their proximity to the US-19 expressway.

The detail here, drawn and painted by artist Pat Meadows and based on the photography of Chris Hancock, shows how subjective orientation was employed to represent distant resources, such as the Monongahela National Forest, and others too small to see, such as Cathedral Falls.

Author David Sibray is a public relations counsel and a principal at Sibray Public Relations Company. He has been in the practice of public relations in West Virginia since 1994.

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