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We contracted Sibray to save a historic building from demolition at the hands of the city government. They not only rescued our investment, they established a business association, battled the city government, and helped reinvigorate the local economy.

Sarah Birchfield
Real Estate Professional

Sibray is an authority on West Virginia travel. So when I needed someone to write a couple of quick-turnover features, I knew their writers were the ones to call. Not only did they meet tight deadlines, but their copy was vibrant, clean, on-message and written to precise word counts. Both clients approved the first-draft copy with almost no changes – and that hardly ever happens!

Steven Keith
Editor, West Virginia Official State Travel Guide
Senior Content Director, Miles

You may engage Sibray to promote your business, but you’ll end up promoting a great deal more. Not only will your business improve, but whatever your trade or industry and whichever community you belong to will enjoy an improved profile and greater public awareness. I’ve worked with Sibray as my client, and I’ve worked with Sibray as its client, and in each setting, I’ve come away the better for it.

Paul Spence, Spence Law Office
Moundsville, West Virginia

David [Sibray] is, hands down, one of the hardest working journalists I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. He’s a true jack-of-all-trades, a genuine talent in so many facets of journalism. As a well-known virtuoso in West Virginia, he continuously produces positive, creative content about a state that is quite often seen in a negative light.

Leanne Arthur,  Production Operator, Schawk
Seattle, Washington

His integrity is a pleasure to discover in a field where honesty is hard to find. I know I can look to David Sibray and his passionate drive toward a goal. The company is always a pleasure to work with. When creating a mastermind group, consider bringing Sibray onto the team. David can think outside the box and wrap the words around a project so well that the most inside-the-box thinker will understand it and support it.

Justyn Marchese, Verdelya Forest LLC
Flat Top, West Virginia

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