Sibray Public Relations Company was first established in 1994 as Sibray & Associates by David Sibray, a journalist and publisher, then a veteran reporter for The Register-Herald. He had, as much as a decade before, dedicated his talents to growing a diversified business economy in West Virginia, and his interests have never deviated from that course. For that reason, much of our core clientele includes chambers of commerce and businesses and organizations strongly tied to tourism.

Guide to Fayette County, West Virginia

Guide to Fayette County, West Virginia

In 1996, Sibray became a partner in the firm West Virginia Group, along with the marketing and advertising agency Advice Unlimited. That partnership propelled Sibray & Associates into the publication of economic-development guides for chambers of commerce in West Virginia. He afterward was named publisher of Beyond 50 Magazine and became the founding publisher of the W.Va. Retirement Times.

In 1999, the company unveiled West Virginia Explorer, the first online guide to West Virginia travel and history published independently through the private sector. By 2002 the guide had become one of the largest online conglomerates published in West Virginia, and by 2005 was the flagship for more than 500,000 Web pages being published in cooperation with West Virginia Websites.

In 2012, the company began to diversify in an effort to meet the needs of clients who required more than elementary copy writing and campaign management. Advances in social media and Web development had opened new venues for Sibray Public Relations and West Virginia Explorer, and the principals of public relations were perfectly attuned to the medium.

Today, more than 20 years after it was established, Sibray Public Relations remains a leader in its field, promoting West Virginia and a diversified economy while providing fine-tuned counsel for clients in need of clear communications.

Sibray PRPlease review our client list and testimonials to find out more about the history of Sibray PR and its relationship with various businesses and organizations.

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